HENSHĪN is a concept hair and make-up beauty bar, established in 2019 by two industry experts - Celebrity hairstylist Gareth Bromell and make up Mandy o'Loughlin . HENSHĪN was born out of necessity - the fundamental need for all women to feel their best everyday. Gareth and Mandy are fulfilling their own need - the need to democratize gorgeous hair and make-up. Why? So that all women can look their best everyday without the need for a special occasion. “OUR MENU’S ARE CREATED AS POINT OF REFERENCE FOR YOU IF YOUR NOT SURE WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE”



Our Beginning

Gareth Bromell and Mandy O’Loughlin are two friends that grew up in limerick in the 80s, with the 90s seeing them both go on their own journeys in their respective creative careers - Gareth Bromell travelling the world and living in the world of celebrity and high fashion and Mandy managing mac make-up in her home town, before setting up her own business under her own name. Twenty years later they have come together to offer an innovative solution in hair and make-up in the form of a Concept Hair & Make up beauty bar.

We are not just a destination for hair and make-up. We are a habit worth making. WE are your style council”

— Gareth Bromell, FOUNDER


We believe

We can be better, do better.

Our knowledge can be shared for the good

Our name should stand over ever single piece of work we do 

In putting our hearts into everything we do

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 3.48.40 PM.png

Individuality is all its cracked up to be.


Our Mission

Sustainability is at the forefront of our priorities . We strive to be the cleanest beauty destination there is. Our interiors are 98% recycled . our beauty partners are Cruelty free , free from sulfates , parabens , glycol and gluten. All packaging is 100% recyclable.





Cruelty Free